About Pacific Coast Custom Interiors of Santa Rosa

First off, we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. We are co-owners and brothers who spent the early part of our lives apprenticing under one of our area’s most skilled upholsterers, our mother. We’ve since taken the strength of her traditional upholstery techniques and blended them with modern materials and styling.

After getting her out of retirement in 2013, she is now working side by side with us and our valued five-member staff everyday. Growing up with upholstery has given us a strong advantage in the sense that it has and always will be our lives.

We support our community! Here’s a picture of the toys we recently donated to area children.

This is not a job for us as much as it is our family pride. Starting out in our 350-square-foot backyard shop, we quickly realized the need to grow in order to meet our hometown’s upholstery needs. We found our current location off Piner Road where we’ve been thriving ever since.

We’ve spent our entire lives here in Santa Rosa and take great pride in our area’s strong small business community. The relationships we’ve developed over the years are such a large part of our success. It really says a lot when your able to maintain a referral-based partnership with another shop for over nine years.

Consistency in our trade is very tough and something we take seriously. For this reason, we hired Adam Vogel as a full-time service adviser. Adam will pick up the phone, handle operations and help us do what we say we are going to do. We value our customers’ time and do all we can to make your visit efficient.

We also were lucky to hire a very talented journeyman named Ryan Hodson, who came to us with 15+ years in the trade. He has been with us for several years and has played a huge part in our shop’s ability to get projects in and out on time.

When you want a reliable, high-quality trim shop to assist with your next project, we hope you’ll give us a call to show you what we do best.

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